Luwilite Scandinavia AB, a company of the Lutze Group

Flat belts

We have selected a few flat belts that impress so much that they replace most flat belts needed. If you do not find a flat belt that suits your purpose, do not hesitate to contact us and we will make sure to produce a flat belt for your application.

Belt type Top layer Max width (mm)
LG 20E-20F NBR 450
LG 35E-25R NBR 450
LG 55E-30R NBR 450
LG 22P-20 Elastomer 500
LG 35P-25 Elastomer 500
LG 50P-30 Elastomer 500
LHR 12P-30R Elastomer 500
LTG.P60 Elastomer 500