Luwilite Scandinavia AB, a company of the Lutze Group

Modular belts

Modular belts for all applications and in all existing materials and designs guarantee the right solution, regardless of need. Everything from standard modular chains to high-tech special solutions. With us you are guaranteed to find the right product for your needs. Below you will find all modular belts and sprockets together with carriers that we have in stock at our factory in Sweden. If you do not find what you are looking for, please look in our product catalog for more and extended information about modular belts!

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Belt type Surface Min width (mm)
MP80C Smooth, closed 101,6
MP80FG Smooth, open 101,6
MP80NS Friction, closed 101,6
MP80 Sprocket
EC127C Smooth, closed 50
EC127FG Smooth, open 50
EC127 Square Sprocket
EC127 Round Sprocket
MD127G50 Smooth, open 177,8
MD127G50 Sprocket
XP254C Smooth, closed 50
XP254CR Friction, closed 76,2
XP254 Square Sprocket
XP254 Round Sprocket
EC254R Smooth, open 100
EC254R Square1 Sprocket
EC254R Square2 Sprocket
MD254C Smooth, closed 50
MD254FG Smooth, open 50
MD254GT Friction, closed 50
MD254G48 Smooth, open 203,2
MD254T25 Cleat Height: 25
MD254T50 Cleat Height: 50
MD254T75 Cleat Height: 75
MD254 Square1 Sprocket
MD254 Square2 Sprocket
EC508C Smooth, closed 100
EC508PR22 Smooth, open 100
EC508T50 Cleat Height: 50
EC508T75 Cleat Height: 75
EC508T100 Cleat Height: 100
EC508 Square1 Sprocket
EC508 Square2 Sprocket
EC508 Round Sprocket